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Just testing what posting with Ecto is like.

Oh, and I think I’ve finally (yeah I know, I’m soooo fast!) decided on a purpose for this blog – a linkblog.

Not exactly original, but handy for me at least.

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Just discovered that the editor within flock has two panes. The second pane doesn’t insert all the crappy code, though it’s not glaringly obvious that there is a second pane.

To go into this area, drag the bar at the bottom of the main text area upwards, and voila! There it is.

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I got my hands on Flock tonight!

So just doing a test post to see how it works with  It’s looking very slick so far I have to say.

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Warning: this post may contain just a hint of bitterness toward the treatment of so called A listers.

Want your own individual header for your blog?  One of your very own choosing?  Well too bad, you’re out of luck.  That is unless your name happens to be Scoble

Since when did WordPress treat people with such bias?  I was first alerted to this via John Evans who has been slightly more polite than I’m going to be about this.

Call me petty if you will – I am aware that this is only a header we’re talking about – but it’s the principal of it.  From reading the (masses of) comments to a three word post I gather this is Scoble’s first venture into the world of WordPress.  Surely if you’re going to ‘reward’ somebody with a feature that nobody else has, the person getting said reward should have gotten it through loyalty and service to the WordPress brand, rather than because they’re included in the ‘A listers’ club?  I can think of many more people who give a lot of their time voluntarily who would have been far more deserving.  People like Lorelle or Podz to name but a few.

I’m disappointed.  I’m disappointed that such bias amongst users has already shown its face here.  I’m disappointed in the people who made the decision to exclude all the everyday users (who make up the majority of present and future users). 

…you could sync a blog with a self hosted full WordPress install?

I was just thinking that I could perhaps copy some of the posts from my other blogs onto this one (don’t know if I will yet). And then I thought it would be so much easier if there was some kind of sync feature.

Why? Well I see developing into a great community. Take Livejournal for instance – Livejournal isn’t only about blogging, it’s about building and maintaining friends and community. If were to become like this, it could be nice to have that sync feature. I would never give up my self hosted blogs, but I would like to be active here too. Which means either I need to come up with fresh content (which I’m struggling with as it is lately), or copy over some / all of the posts from my other blogs.

Just thinking out loud really, I’ve no idea if this would be possible. But it would definately be nice if it was.

At Craig’s suggestion I thought I’d make a little list of things that I could potentially blog about. So here it is.

  • Book and film reviews – nice idea but doubt I could do that with any frequency.
  • Geeky stuff – a subject I can write a fair bit about, but I pretty much have that covered already elsewhere.
  • Poetry – again, the frequency problem, plus I’m not great at it.
  • Linkblog – possibly, but think I’d get bored pretty quickly with that. May incorporate it in a small way though.
  • Website reviews – could do a review now and again, but I’m short on time, so wouldn’t be the sole subject.
  • Mental health – something I’m fairly passionate about, but nah, way too depressing (something I don’t need!)
  • Gaming – don’t do enough of that these days to qualify.
  • Family life – nice idea but I don’t like to get too personal over the internet.
  • Pet blog – possibly the worst idea yet
  • Pagan / Reiki / natural health – sort of have that covered already too, but would possibly reach a wider audience here.

In short, after all that, I’m still undecided. So I think I’ll just go with the flow and post what I feel like posting when I feel like posting it. Which is pretty much what I already do over at my main blog. Ho-hum.

I just received a invite, and after playing around with the dashboard a little and trying out every theme, I’m now sitting here scratching my head.

What exactly will I use this for?  I already have three (self hosted) blogs.

 Hmm….will have to get the thinking cap on.